Language school Hanover

DKH is a Telc-certified language school. Certification guarantees that the language school is checked for quality every year. Such certification is essential in a professional school. The DKH has had a valid TELC certificate since 2017. Learning a foreign language is not just a mechanical process. Rather, it is an internal process of expanding one's own perspective. This teaches you to see and appreciate the world differently. During this important and complex process, we are accompanied by the teachers, who convey and explain the foreign language with all of its coded structures. The selection of teachers is the first step to the success of a language school. Experience and competence play an important role in this. The existing qualifications at the academic level are regularly supplemented at the DKH by further training measures (such as licensing as an examiner by telc). Another prerequisite for us is primarily the ability to understand people and situations. Only the combination of knowledge of the world, people and subject makes an excellent teacher. In order to promote the learning process, it is important that the course takes place in appropriate, modernly equipped rooms. Large and bright rooms in which you feel comfortable promote concentration and thus contribute to success.

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Deutschkurse Hannover
Sprachschule Hannover
DKH Sprachschule Sprachkurs Hannover
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Sprachschulen Hannover
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Sprachschule in Hannover DKH Sprachschule

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Language courses for work, vacation or study


  • Our language courses in Hanover not only improve your language skills for work, travel or school, but also go beyond: We want you to get to know people and ways of life - and to familiarize you with topics such as culture, politics, religion and history. This also means that we can provide you with useful, country-specific addresses and contacts on request.


Language school Hanover

  • The  language school DKH  Hannover was founded in 2016 and offers language courses. No matter how quickly you want to learn the language, you will always find the right language lessons with us that will inspire you and be tailored to your individual needs.

  • Of course, our courses are offered at all levels - from beginners '  courses to  intermediate  to  advanced . So you can always be sure to find the right language course with us.


Where is the DKH language school?


  • The language school DKH is in an excellent location: Hamburger Allee 42, 30161 Hannover. Our premises are large, bright and modern. This means that they are ideally equipped for success-oriented teaching. There are several shops, cafes and restaurants around the language school DKH. In addition, our language school is easy to reach by underground, tram or bus. Get in touch with us .
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