A1 - German course

Visa opening If you book courses with us, you can get a visa to Germany.
Certificate according to GER After you finish a level with us and pass the exam, you will receive a DKH certificate according to GER.
Intensive course 22 U.-S. All of our courses are intensive. Morning and afternoon courses consist of 22 lessons per week.
390 Euro If you pay one month before the course starts, you will get a favorable price.
  • What exactly does A1 level mean? The requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​indicate that you must be proficient in a basic set of phrases and can speak and write about simple, concrete things. Basically, these are terms and phrases that are used in everyday life among your environment - with friends, family, at work, in a store, and so on. You will learn simple phrases and sentences so you can explain yourself or express emotions.
  • A1 level can be divided into A1.1 and A1.2 sublevels. So if you already know a little German or you have already taken German courses, A1.2 might be the right start for you.

Let yourself be tested

A 1.1 - Test questions 1 / 10

Wie ____ Sie?

Ich ____ Paul Röder.

Wie ____ du?

Mein Name ____ Sabine.

Wer _____ Herr Lüders?

Das ____ ich.

____ Sie Frau Sauer?

Ja, das ____ ich.

Wer ____ du?

Ich ____ Christoph.

A 1.2 - Test questions 1 / 10


... wohnst du und ... ist deine Telefonnummer?

Ihr ... sehr gut.

Wie ist Ihr Name?

...? - Ich komme aus Mexiko.

Im Erdgeschoss steht ein ... Kleiderschrank.

Er ... es nicht essen.

... ich etwas fragen?

Wer ... hier?

Ich ... nichts ... .

Our team

German course A1 Hannover

  • Like all of our German courses, German A1 is an intensive course, ie 20 school hours per week, Monday to Friday, plus homework. Sounds like a lot of work? After eight weeks there is already the opportunity to take a final exam and thereby receive an internationally recognized certificate for A1 German.

  • Our qualified teachers give you an everyday introduction to the German language based on the 12 units from the textbook. On the one hand, you feel your way through the colloquial German language, but on the other hand you also practice formal communication. By the way, the lessons take place in German right from the start, because that's the quickest way to learn.

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