C1 TestDaf - German course

Visa opening If you book courses with us, you can get a visa to Germany.
Certificate according to GER After you finish a level with us and pass the exam, you will receive a DKH certificate according to GER.
Intensive course 22 U.-S. All of our courses are intensive. Morning and afternoon courses consist of 22 lessons per week.
390 Euro If you pay one month before the course starts, you will get a favorable price.
  • If you have decided to take the TestDaF, you should already have a good knowledge of German. The TestDaF Institute recommends at least 700 German teaching units. It is better if you have already taken part in around 1,000 teaching units. As the TestDaF primarily tests knowledge of German for studying at a university in Germany, you should have good intermediate or even advanced knowledge. The main test is whether you can adequately receive science-language texts (reading or listening) and can participate in communication in courses and in everyday university life (writing and speaking). Your communicative competence is therefore more important than rendering z. B. grammatical rules and structures. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the format of the TestDaF. We offer many exercise options for this.

Let yourself be tested

test TestDaf questions 1 / 20

... du mich doch bloß nicht ... .

Ich möchte nur wissen, ... er sich dabei nur wieder gedacht hat.

Das Haus ... gestern sehr gut gebaut.

Umwandeln -> Robert raucht immer, während er im Internet surft.

Die Mutter tut so, als ob sie alles alleine schaffen ... .

Wir ... gestern nach Australien, aber unsere Mutter hat keinen Urlaub bekommen.

Er muss sich heute ... seine kranke Tochter kümmern.

Ich gehe noch einkaufen, ... ich zur U-Bahn gehe.

Ich sehe das Flugzeug ... fliegen.

Ich gebe ... Jungen ... Buch.

Welcher Satz ist richtig?

Welcher Satz ist richtig?

Welcher Satz hat die gleiche Bedeutung: Ich habe die Fähigkeit zu fliegen.

Welcher Satz hat die gleiche Bedeutung: -> Er fragt sie: „Kannst du mir sagen, wie spät es ist?

Welche Antwort ist korrekt? -> Ich wusste nicht, dass deine Mutter heute Geburtstag hat.

Welcher Satz ist richtig?

Hast du das Buch schon gesehen?

Ich sehe einen Tisch. Ich interessiere mich für den Tisch.

Welcher Satz ist richtig?

Welcher Satz ist richtig?

Our team

TestDaf Hannover

DKH language school prepares for TestDaf in Hanover

You register yourself online for an exam on the TestDaF Institute website. A valid passport and bank details are required to register. The TestDaF costs € 175. The examination fee is paid directly to the TestDaF institute by bank transfer or direct debit.



  • Intensive language training from Monday to Friday

  • Help registering for the exam

  • Exam simulation

  • Registration confirmation


Exam structure:

The TestDaF exam consists of the following parts:

  • Reading comprehension (60 minutes)

  • listening comprehension (40 minutes)

  • Written expression (60 minutes)

  • Oral expression (30 minutes

Each part of the exam is assessed individually. The TestDaF levels that can be achieved in the exam vary between TDN 3 and TDN 5.

The TestDaF TDN 4 corresponds to level B2 / C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference.



Registration and fees:

You register yourself online on the website of the TestDaF Institutes for an exam. A valid passport and bank details are required to register.

The TestDaF costs € 175. The exam fee is paid directly to the TestDaF Institute by bank transfer or direct debit

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