Registration for the course B 2.2

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"Bonus to the course" free video lessons 29 0 Euro
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  • You will receive from us after payment:

1. Intensive course at the school in Hanover: 22 lessons per week.

2. Certificate for the visa / confirmation of registration.

3. Grammar book from the DKH language school (bonus).

4. At the end of the level you will take an exam and get a certificate according to GER (bonus):

DKH Zertifikat Telc

  • You need to buy:
  1. Book: Aspekte Neu B2.1 - Hier
  2. Book: Aspekte Neu B2.2 - Hier


  • Goal: B2 level


  • Address: DKH Sprachschule, Hamburger Allee 42, 30161 Hanover.


  • In this course:
  1. You learn new grammar.
  2. You expand your vocabulary.
  3. Listening comprehension (videos, audio), pronunciation and reading comprehension are regularly practiced during the class.


  • We are a TELC certified language school in Hanover:

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DKH Institute

"Certificate according to GER" at the end of the course

DKH Zertifikat Telc

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